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Welcome to Randolph Buss' GMR Letter -- where the truths and real economic outlook are told and explained.

Our particular emphasis is on the broad markets and their cyclical nature.  We investigate global economic trends and factors affecting investment which are fundamental to successful investing in any market.

The GMR Letter takes a look in depth at the major markets in the context of macroeconomic data and trends within major markets of international equities, commodities, currencies & bonds.  We believe reading the "macro picture" correctly leads to a better understanding of the markets and leads to better portfolio performance.  We also look at a variety of geopolitical, socio-economic and other issues or trends to help us better navigate in today's complex world.   We have been calling the markets correct for many years and welcome you in joining the GMR Letter.

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GMR Reader Remarks

Dear Mr. Buss - I am a retired physician who receives more than 20 financial emails/day. I find your letters to always be a very useful, and well presented balance to what I am currently reading. I am not clear as to how to "subscribe" to your Site other than to visit it daily, which I plan to do. Thanks again for all your efforts to bring the truth to those of us who do not believe it is to be found in the main stream "news" Sincerely, PZ M.D.

Hi Randolph, Firstly, thanks for producing such a wonderful newsletter. Apart from the material being of a high standard, I can tell that it is produced with passion and honesty. The words definitely portray that feeling. Many thanks. Thanks again for your down to earth snap shot view of the world economice position. Regards, RB, Australia
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